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Depends on why you are there. Hopefully you will only go to the emergency room for a true life or death emergency and not something a PCP or urgent care can handle.

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Suturing of wounds, applying plaster of paris in cases of fracture, given some injections as aminophylline for patients with asthama.

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Q: When going to emergency room what procedures are done?
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How is an emergency tracheotomy done?

There are two different procedures that are called tracheotomies. The first is done only in emergency situations and can be performed quite rapidly. The emergency room physician or surgeon makes a cut in a thin part.

What is the average cost of an emergency room visit for alcohol poisoning?

Depends on what procedures and tests are done. But my guess is probably in the 1000$ ranges

What is the latest procedures done in operating room?

what is the latest health updates in operating room or delivery room? thank you

Where can minor orthopedic procedures be performed?

Very minor procedures such as setting a broken bone may be performed in a professional office or an emergency room of a hospital.

What is done about reoccuring stabbing piercing pains in the same place that have been going on for about 12 hours?

That depends on where they are. You need to call a doctor or at least an emergency room and ask them what they think.

Where do emergency room doctors work?

In the emergency room.

what means er?

Emergency room Emergency Room

When was The Emergency Room created?

The Emergency Room was created in 2007.

How do you safely remove a chunk of iron from your hand?

By going to the emergency room and letting a qualified doctor do it.

What kind of doctor is at the emergency room?

It can be called an emergency room doctor or it can be called and Emergency physician.

What is the purpose of an emergency room?

The purpose of an emergency room is to get emergency treatment for people who are sick or injured. When people have car wrecks or other accidents, the emergency room saves their lives.

What ER stand for?

ER stands for Emergency Room