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Q: When does long-term immunity occur?
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Are longterm health risks of menopause more likely to occur after premature menopause?

Premature menopause increases the risk of longterm health risks, osteoporosis and heart disease, associated with menopause.

What is a source of passive immunity?

A source of passive immunity is when antibodies are transferred from one individual to another. This can occur naturally through breastfeeding or transplacentally from mother to fetus, or artificially through administration of pre-formed antibodies, such as in immune globulin injections.

When does active immunity occur?

Active immunity will generally occur when a person is exposed to pathogens. This will happen when a disease develops as a result of agents that cause diseases.

What is the origin of melanoma?

It is cancer of the skin and it can come from longterm overexposure to the sun without sunscreen or people can get it from longterm use of tanning beds.

What are the types of immunity?

The three types of immunity is innate immunity, adaptive immunity, and passive immunity.

What does the phrase cloak of legislative immunity refer to?

Generally the "phrase clock of legislative immunity" refers to the security or immunity of civil lawsuits against a legislative body of government, when such matters occur during their official capacity of office.

What longterm stores energy in humans?


How do you cope with longterm unemployment?

find a job

What longterm ideas are being overthrown?

The cause

Definition of tort immunity?

There are three special cases of immunity from tort liability. They are intrafamily immunity, governmental immunity, and charitable immunity. Intrafamily immunity is immunity from a tort action brought by an immediate family member. Governmental immunity is immunity of a governmental agency from a tort action. Charitable immunity is immunity of a charitable organization from a tort action.

What is the difference between Sovereign immunity qualified charitable interspousal immunity?

explain the difference between sovereign immunity qualified immunity charitable immunity and interspousal immunity?

The longterm consequnces of the crusades?

An increase in the power of popes..