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Well some people seem to think only the growth hormone is released at night. However, not only does this happen, but the body absorbed this hormone ONLY at therefore YES you grow more at night than by day.

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Q: When does a human body grow the most during the day or night?
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Do human teenagers grow during the day?

Yes and sometimes through the night

Can cockroaches grow to the human body?

cockroaches can not grow to the size of an human body that would be immposible

Can boys chest grow during puberty?

Yes, development of the human body begins mainly in puberty.

Do you grow at night and shrink during the day?

no you grow more at night but you still grow in the day

Does the human body grow as fast as the elephant?


How many hairs grow in a human body?


What vegetables grow at night?

All vegetables technically grow during the night but if you mean vegetables that grow in the night for a year in the dark there is none except mushrooms if you consider them a vegetable

How does protein effect the human body?

Protein makes the body healthy and helps it grow if the human gets a lot of protein.

Do you get shorter in the day and grow when you go bed?

Yes, as the day progresses the body retracts from your weight pressing on the spine . During the night it relaxes and lenghthens again.

Which body part continuses to grow when everything else stops?

There is no such organ in human body.

How much human body have vertebrate bones?

it means you grow quickly

Which gland in the human body helps us to grow?

The pituitary gland