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you should really just be yourself all her and ask her out if you are already dating call her beatiful or or something sweet if you are dating he has alot of feelings for you and loves you . terll herv how you feel and....

just Call Her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: When do you call a girl after you get her number?
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A Girl gave me her phone number and seems kind of interested in me does she want me to or expecting me to call her?

When a girl gives you her number out of the blue that usually means she is interested in you and would like you to call her.

How do you get Mindless Behavior to come to my school?

you call the number that is in my girl

How do you call a girl for sex?

I'm a boy of teenage. If i call a girl for sex I'll call her along with her sister.If possible with the permission of her parents. because parents are the call a girl first ask her phone number

How do you get a girl to call you?

say your free and your really hot then take her phone number and say "call me"

When a girl gives you her plone number what does that mean?

She wants you to call or text her.

Why wont a girl give her number to you?

Because she doesn't want you to call.

How do you ask a girl for her cellphone number?

If you speak with her simply ask her if you could get her number to give her a call sometime.

If you give a girl your and they don't call will they later on or should you ask them if they can call or what?

i am a girl and when guys give me their number, i get really excited ,but when i want to call them, i get butterflies and cant even dia lthe number. you should call her firsat and seem totally available and frendly and she will open up sooner or later.

Why would a girl want to know a guys telephone number?

to call them and talk to them

Why would a girl give you her number?

Because she wants you to call her and ask her out on a date.

Sms girl for date?

NO, if you have her number call her but don't just call her up to ask her. talk for a bit then call her again a different day and ask her

When theres a girl that likes you how long will it take them to call you?

Well it depends on the girl. This girl may be shy and innocent, and it will take her FOREVER, yet again she might be VERY outgoing and call you the day she gets your number. Like I said, depends on the girl.