When do normal people die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Females have a normal life to up to 75

Males have a normal life up to 71 but remember it is possible to live over your average life span

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Q: When do normal people die?
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When do you die when you are a Buddha?

You die when its time for you to die . They are just like normal people

How did the Polish people die in world war 2?

Like normal people.

Can you die from terrets?

No. People with Tourette's have a normal life expectancy.

Did the people who sang in the rock band the eagles die?

no, the eagle dint die why will they die and is normal if rock people sing loud music cause you will get use to it

Do all people that have chronic leukemia die?

If the question is posed to ask if all people who have leukaemia die from it, the answer is no. There are treatments such as bone marrow transplants which allow sufferers to recover and lead normal lives.No. Everyone does not die of leukemia. Some people die from other causes.

How many people will die in 2012?

I HOPE you mean how many, and the truth is a normal amount as a normal year. The end of the world is not is 2012.

What is the probability of rolling a dice 7?

With a single throw of a normal die, the probability is 0.With a single throw of a normal die, the probability is 0.With a single throw of a normal die, the probability is 0.With a single throw of a normal die, the probability is 0.

Are you going to die in 2012 and is the government going to let normal people in one of those big ships?

This is all fiction and no one is going to die.

If you do the gastric bypass diet without having the surgery will you die?

Gastric bypass is really recommended for people who have undergone the procedure. People with normal stomach size will not die, but will have difficult times if they do the said diet.

Why is it economically important to have an accurate measurement of the normal range for body temperatures?

Probably for litigation. People die of hypothermia and they die from heat stroke, and when people die, other people look around for someone to prosecute, usually insurance companies. Insurance companies typically look for ways to wriggle out of paying up, so they would have an interest in a clear definition of normal human body temperatures.

Is it usual to have heart attacks?

A Heart attack is a dangerous and life-threatening event. It is not "normal" for anyone to have a heart attack because it is a very serious health problem. It is "normal" in the sense that many people die from having heart attacks - it is a common way to die.

Is it normal to have conversations with people that aren't there?

No. It is not normal to have conversation with people that are not there.