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Girls or women are born with all the immature cells that eventually turn into egg cells. The cells mature throughout their reproductive lifespan. Ages for when this starts or stops depends on the person.

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Q: When do females get all their eggs?
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Are male seahorses pregnant?

No, not at all. The males provide the females with their sperm so that the females can have fertilized eggs. After that, the females hand all their eggs over to the males for safekeeping. So the male is not pregnant, but holds all the eggs, and appears to be pregnant.

Do females produce eggs during there life?

Yes, females are born with a lifetime supply of eggs at birth. These eggs are then released periodically during her reproductive years.

What age do females start fertilizing eggs?

Females don't fertilize eggs it is the male that fertilizes the eggs

When do females lay their eggs?

Females of which species?

Which eggs hatch into males and which into females?


Do all chickens lay eggs?

The females from all breeds of chickens lay eggs. Some hens stop laying when they are old, but there are no breeds or varieties of chickens in which the females do not lay eggs. Roosters, as the male of the species, never lay eggs.

Is A female is born with all of her eggs?

Yes, females are born with all of their eggs already present in their ovaries. These eggs are released monthly during ovulation, where they may potentially be fertilized by sperm.

Does a male parakeet sit on the eggs?

Male parakeets cannot lay eggs--only females can.

My friends male lovebird is eating the females eggs what should my friend do?

When there are all the eggs laid, remove the male from the cage and keep him separate.

Do Gila monster lay eggs?

All reptiles reproduce by eggs but only the females lay the eggs.

Why is the number of eggs in human female limited?

Human females are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. Since they are not created as time passes, the number has to be limited.

Can a stick insect produce eggs without a mate?

Yes, all stick insects can produce unfertilized eggs via parthenogeneses. Some species do have males which can produce fertilized eggs, but all females are able to produce eggs without a mate.