When did you become aunt?

Updated: 1/5/2024
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  • Congratulations on becoming an aunt/uncle! Welcoming a new member into the family is such an incredible blessing. This is an opportunity to cherish precious moments, create lasting memories, and build a unique bond with your niece or nephew. Embrace the joy, love, and wonder that a new baby brings, and relish in the beautiful journey of being an aunt/uncle
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When your sister or brother has a child.

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Q: When did you become aunt?
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what do i become if my aunt has a baby?

You become an aunt or an uncle depending on what gender you are.

If your aunt has a baby what does it become to you?

Your aunt's baby is your cousin.

Is it possible to become aunt arctic in clubpenguin?

Yes you can become aunt arctic in clubpenguin. Just know that it is a hack and you can get banned.

What do you become when your nephew has a child?

great uncle or aunt

If you marry your aunt do you become your own uncle?

it's hard to believe but YES you do become your own uncle

What is a great aunt?

A Great-Aunt is when one or more of your sibling's children have children of their own. Example: You are an aunt when your siblings have their children. When their children grow up and have children then you become a Great-Aunt.Your great-aunt is your grandfather's or grandmother's sister.

How do you become an aunt without any siblings?

If your families who are in the same row to you. LOL

Why had aunt Alexandria come?

to influence scout to become more "ladylike" and to be a feminine influence on the kids.

What is the possessive form of aunt?


What is the name of Tom's aunt?

Tom Sawyer's aunt was Aunt Polly.

What is your aunt's aunt to you?

Great aunt.

Is your mothers aunt your great aunt or your grand aunt?

Your great aunt.