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The Pastor Randy Morrison divorced his first wife in 2004. He remarried a few later to a woman in his congregation named Roxane Battle.

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Q: When did Pastor Randy Morrison divorce?
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Why did pastor randy Morrison divorce his wife?

Pastor Randy Morrison claimed that he divorced his wife Roberta because his marriage fell apart. However, there was some speculation that he had an affair.

What is the address of Pastor Randy Morrison?

Pastor Randy Morrison's church internet site is:

How old is Pastor Randy Morrison?

He is 52 born on 10/30/1952

Pastor randy Morrison ex - wife is she married?

no she has refused to e ven date

Is pastor randy Morrison remarried?

roxanne battle

Is pastor randy Morrison married to roxanne battle still?

AnswerNo, he was divorced in 2005.

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Why did pastors Roberta Morrison and Randy Morrison get divorced?

There are several conflicting rumours but very few publicised facts.One suggestion is that Randy Morrison was caught having an affair.Another suggestion is that Roberta felt she wanted to leave the church for personal reasons.Some people have even suggested that Roberta felt Randy always put his ministry before his wife and children.Some people say they just fell out of love after several personal conflicts. This one is probably the most likely.Again, these are rumours, not facts.Whatever the reason for their divorce, it is a personal matter that is between the former couple. The only five or so people who know the truth are the couple themselves, the divorce judge and their lawyers. Other than them, there is no reason for anybody else to know.Couples divorce for many reasons. Roberta and Randy may have divorced for any of the reasons above or for another reason which nobody is aware of. It is a personal matter.

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Where is Pastor Roberta Morrison?

Pastor Roberta Morrison can be found preaching at Living In His Presence Minnetonka SDA 3510 Williston Road Minnetonka, MN 55345 Visit the church website for tons of info.

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