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That would depend on who you're talking to. The school Social Worker can only share information if the student is going to hurt themselves or others. There is no confidentiality with other school officials unless the student is over 18 or emancipated. Any trouble the student may get into including illegal activities such as drug possession the school has the right to share… with your guardians. They may not, including the Social Worker or councilor, share any private information with other students. This includes if a friend lost their phone number & called the school to get it, they can't give out any personal information. If this is college we're talking about, the rules are a little different. In college you are the adult & if the teacher is sharing your private info in class it is up to you to stop it. And nobody should EVER let a teacher make them think it's ok for them to tell all other teachers your personal business so that everyone can "get on the same page". They WILL try to do this. They did it to me. Next thing I knew every teacher in the school was pulling me aside to talk about something embarrassing that I told one teacher in confidence. A Rule of Thumb: if you don't want everyone to know your business, tell the person who is legally obligated to keep their mouth shut. If the problem is getting introuble in school & not wanting your parents to find out, wait til the final bell rings to act a fool LoL

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taking about patient in the train/any where

sharing patient illness to family members/satff

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When someone's life is a t risk, when they are hurting themselves. When someone is hurting the person.

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anyone can help me with this qustion

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Q: When confidentiality can be breached in a care setting?
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When can confidentiality be breached?

confidentiality breached in schools

I am a student and on 2 different occasions my confidentiality has been breached could you tell me what rights i have and can i sue if a member of staff because they have breached my confidentiality?

If you mean that a confidentiality STATUTE was violated, then you can use the statute's enforcement mechanism, which probably does not start withn a lawsuit, but with a complaint. You probably can never sue an individual employee, only charge the school IF you prevail on the charge.

How did you feel if lost confidentaility?

Well clearly is your confidentiality was breached then you would feel exposed, vulnerable and you wouldnt feel like you would be able to trust anybody, especially if you lost confidentiality whilst in a professional setting such as with your doctor. Your pride and dignity may also suffer some damage, paranoia may set in as you may feel everybody knows etc.. xx

Can you sue if confidentiality is breached by a supervisor putting an employee on speakerphone and interrogating them and telling all employees in the facility to come and listen?

It's not exactly your 'confidentiality,' it was your privacy that was breached. From the description given - your privacy MAY have been violated if you were not warned or advised. You would have to check with an attorney to determine the exact circumstances for cause for action in your particular state.

Definition of Confidentiality in health and social care?

confidentiality is an informaton that must not be disclose with a third party.

Why is important confidentiality in a care home is it cqc standard to have care plans locked away?

Confidentiality in care home is very important because of the family background of some of the minors.

Why is confidentiality important in a childcare setting?

To maintain confidentiality in the care setting you and the staff must be ensure that all staff is aware of the policy. In the childcare setting you must store all Parents and child's information in a locked place where only care staff can access. You do not share Parents and child's information with any other people other than the staff and the service user. Unless there is an emergency where medical practitioners may need to access the information. Family and friends are not legible to access this information without the service user's permission first.Maintaining confidentiality of information is an important part of your role in the childcare setting. Maintaining Confidentiality is also important as you are guaranteeing the safety of the child and their families. You are also making and keeping a reputation for you and the setting. You are gaining trust in the parents and the locals. You are protecting the children's and working to their best interests and abilities. Stacey Neal(2012)

What are an employee's rights when wrongfully terminated and confidentiality was breached during termination?

Defamation of Character is a legal term which describes libel and slander accusations.

How and when do you seek advice about confidentiality?

If you are worried about your confidentiality being breached in a medical sense, you have little to worry about. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ) requires all healthcare workers to take extensive precautions to prevent confidential information from leaking out.

How and when should a care worker get advice about confidentiality?

a social care worker can get advise from her company or her manger about confidentiallity

What happens when confidentiality is breached in court?

Depends on the circumstances. Imagine if a priest - and he is sworn to confidentiality - hears a married parishioner confess he has slept with several married women in the village and the priest tells the man's wife... People who can't keep a secret don't have many close friends!

When and how a social care worker should get advice about confidentiality?

a social care worker can get advise from her company or her manger about confidentiallity