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Some states presently allow disclosure of the following types of mental health information without patient consent: to other treatment providers, to researchers.

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Q: When can mental health information be disclosed without patient consent?
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Use consent in a sentence?

Without the patient's consent the doctor wouldn't operate.

When should a patient be advised of existence of computerized database containing medication information about the patient?

A patient has to sign a confidentiality agreement indicating whom may have access to the medical information and that is the main point. No one can legally have access to the patient information computerized or otherwise without express written consent from the patient.

Can a doctor call Administration about a patient in ER without patients consent?

Per HIPPA, disclosure of medical information must be secure and controlled. In this case, if the Doctor is a resident of the hospital where the patient resides, the Doctor is considered a secure and controlled release. It is under a HIPPA rule, a disclosure, but not a violation. A visiting Doctor is not allowed access to patient records without the patient consent.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is aimed at ensuring the portability of health Insurance for individuals.?


Regarding information about persons other than the patient that appears in a patient's medical record as in case of family counseling what is true?

some courts have held disclosure can't be permitted without consent of both the patient and the family members

How does the privacy act protect clients with regard to confidentiality?

Businesses that work closely with client information will generally have a privacy act in place. This act states that for no reason will the business share any client information with competitors or to the public without prior consent from the client. The client can hold the company legally responsible for any disclosed information.

Is it malpractice if your physician gives out medical information without your consent?

It is not malpractice; however it would be a violation of the Federal HIPAA law (or if not in the USA, the local equivalent patient privacy laws). HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Information Privacy Protection Act. It prohibits medical personnel from divulging certain medical information of patients to others without the patient's consent. If a physician gives out medical information without your consent, he or she would not be guilty of malpractice but would be in violation of federal law. This could subject the physician to penalties and damages - both from the government and potentially from patients if they can show harm from the disclosure. In the EU, the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC also makes it illegal for a doctor to share information without patient consent except in certain limited situations. Most other jurisdictions have similar laws.

Rendering care to a patient without consent could result in a charge of?


What if Dr bob is preparing to operate on a patient with a life threatening condition he learns the patient is 17 her parents are in the waiting room discuss informed consent?

If Dr. Bob can get informed consent without jeopardizing the life of the patient then he should do so. If stopping to get consent will risk the life of the patient then he should consider the consent implied and save the life.

If a doctor is being sued will he be barred from revealing medical information about the patient?

Doctors are never allowed to reveal medical information about a patient without said patient's consent, regardless of what legal proceedings are going on. Doctor-patient confidentiality is legally binding, and if they break it then you can sue them for that too. Of course, if the medical information is evidence in the law suit it will need to be revealed to the lawyers/judge/jury/etc.

Can you release medical records to other than the patient?

Medical records can't be released to anyone without signed consent from the patient. There are laws that protect the privacy of patients and their medical information called HIPPA.

What is the name given for information without consent?