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depends on the parents' blessing

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Q: When are people supposed to get married?
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Can two people on Federal Supervised Release Get Married?

Part of being on parole is that you are not supposed to associate with others on parole. Kind of hard to get married if you are not supposed to be near each other.

What day was Juliet supposed to get married?


Is it good to be married?

Is it good to be married? I would generally say yes. It does depend on the indervidual, I would say that some people aren't supposed to get married. Also, though, I believe that that also means that the person isn't supposed to be in a relationship like that. Marriage is a lovely thing between to people that are willing to live with each other for the rest of there life. Once you find the right person to marry, being married is a very good thing. I hope I helped =)

Can you get married even though your partner is not there?

No, it is not possible to get married without your partner there with you. When you get married, it is supposed to be a special time for both of you.

When living with someone are you supposed to file jointly?

If you are married

Where is Juliet supposed to be going when she in fact gets married?

Juliet is supposed to be going to confession when she secretly meets and gets married to Romeo in Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet."

Why did Hippolyta and Thesues get married?

Because they were supposed to, everyone gets married. So there's your answer. :P

Do you think Vanessa and Zac will get married?

yeah, they were supposed to get married this month in September, but i think that they're getting married next month now

Is Elena Katina married?

I am pretty sure she is not. She is supposed to still be with her Boyfriend.

Can you date after your divorce papers have been filed in Florida?

No, you are not supposed to. People do it allof the time though. YOu do, however, have to tell the person you are dating that you are married until the divorce is final.

Does anyone get married in winx club?

Well, I'm not sure, but i can tell you this ... Layla was supposed to get married with Nabu,but fortunately he dies they don't they cant get married!

Can a car dealership give out your personal information to someone they are not supposed to?

No, people are not supposed to do things that they are not supposed to do.