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After 48 hr

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Q: When an open multi-dose vials of heparin will expire?
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When an open multi dose vials of heparin will expire?

After 48 hr

When an open multi-dose vials of 1 percent Lidocaine expire?

On the printed expiration date

Do HP printer ink cartridges expire?

They will expire only if you use them. Don't open them until you have to use them.

Does eye solution expire?

yes ,1 month after the open date

Does captain morgans spiced rum expire?

After you open it, you have about 5 years, provided you keep it cool and out of the sun.

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if its left a room temp un covered yes if its sealed in a fridge its o.k. if its left unopen then im not sure

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Full proof alcohol will generally not expire if kept unopened. An exception would be if the bottle is more than about 20 years old. Once the bottle is open it will start to oxidize. You will still have many years to enjoy the wonderful effect of tequila for several years though. Once it starts to taste like cardboard water with no buzz, throw it away. Sommelier Drew

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All drugs have an expiration date. It will be printed somewhere on the package. That's the date that the drugs are no longer potent - doesn't matter if you opened the package or not.

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Ammonia does not expire, but it can lose its potency over time if not stored properly. It is best to use ammonia within a few years of purchase to ensure it is most effective for cleaning purposes.

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Yes, but alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water so it requires a colder temperature to freeze them.

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Traffic tickets don't expire, they are valid as long as the issuing entity wants to keep track of them. Thirty years seems a long time.