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WOW. Is this still going on? Well, stress can also lead to dismissal from school and then cascade into unemployment and inability to transfer to another school based on a 10 second analysis by a secretary that screens applications and then an inability to be employed. The common unidentified causes of stress such as toxic exposure, severe sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies, or harassment or moving to a new community without any social support are almost always overlooked. This is because the medical schools nationwide have taken out of the medical books "sleep deprivation" as a cause of illness, they have taken out the common chronic toxic exposures as a cause of subtle illness resulting first in "psychological symptoms", apparently because the only treatment are various combinations of natural substances, and they do not use current modern tests for nutritional problems and by paying off lawyers, they can cover up chronic environmental problems sick building syndrome with referrals to a psychiatrist that can not identify the root cause of the problem and they can discriminate because being a white male is not a protected category. So year after year, decade after decade, administration after administration goes by and nothing is identified as a root cause (actually a long list of causes can be generated) and nothing therefore can be treated and nothing is done to correct an unhealthy environment at school or in the work place. So I think the legal term for this is discrimination especially when no accommodations are provided. The medical term is chronic illness. And since it does not need treatment in a hospital, medical doctors are clueless as to what is going on. There are new schools in natural medicine or naturalpathic medicine and so on that can start to find solutions and treatments.

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Q: When a stressful situation has a negative outcome such as being placed on academic probation this is known as?
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