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has been granted permission to legally perform specific acts

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Q: When a person is licensed in a health care profession this means that he or she?
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What does physiclan mean?

Physician means a person licensed to practice medicine. A medical doctor.

How do you spell bless you in German after a person has sneezed?

gesundheit, which means good health or health

What does LMT stand for?

When it comes to health and medical, LMT has a significant meaning for it's abbreviation. LMT means licensed massage therapist.

What is the definition of aspire?

it means to reach for or to climb , as an example to reach for a goal or to climb to the top of a profession.

What does this health word fit means?


What is the difference between nurse and nursing?

both can be a noun or a verb...if noun...nurse means a person who provides care. Registered Nurses are given the licensed to practice the profession of being a nurse bonded by legal terms. Nursing as a noun can be a course or a discipline. Nurse as a verb means to feed or to breastfeed, Nursing as a verb is a continuous form of the base form Nurse.

What is a State Licensed Entity?

A state licensed entity is a business or individual who is licensed by the state. This means that the person or company has passed all required state testing and is able to perform the work required. This is the preferred choice when choosing contractors and other similar tradesmen.

What is an illicit profession?

An illicit profession is where you make money through illegal or dishonest means. For example, drug dealing is an illicit profession.

What does it mean to say that years of experience in a profession and income are positively correlated?

This means that the more years of experience that a person has the higher his or her income is likely to be.

What is the occupations?

It means how fast a job is gonna grow, if a lot of people will be working in that job or not work in that job at all.

How do you say brickies in English?

In English the slang term "brickies" means "Brick Layers", a person who's profession is brick laying/building.

What is the pronunciation of the French 'Quelle est votre profession'?

"Keh-leh voht proh-feh-syoh" is a pronunciation of the French phrase "Quelle est votre profession?"Specifically, the feminine demonstrative "quelle" means "what." The verb "est" means "(He/she/it) is." The feminine/masculine possessive adjective "votre" means "your." The feminine noun "profession" means "job, occupation, profession."