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i think the "pu" is supposed to be pure water.

Using saline solution (Ringer's) will make the person hydrated and preventing hypovolemic shock or hypotension especially for those who having difficulty drinking or experienced physical collapse that cannot drink water right away.

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Q: When a person becomes dehydrated due to the loss of fluids and solutes saline solution water salts is infused into the bloodstream by medical personnel Why is saline solution used instead of pu?
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What will happen in the bloodstream if a person becomes dehydrated?

If a person becomes dehydrated, the concentration of solutes in their bloodstream will increase. This can lead to decreased blood volume and thicker, more viscous blood. It can also cause reduced blood flow to organs and tissues and put strain on the cardiovascular system. The body's ability to transport oxygen and nutrients may be compromised, leading to symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and increased heart rate.

Why a person becomes a personnel?

A person refers to a private individual. A person becomes a personnel if he is employed in an organization, business or service.

What happens to food with the removal of its moisture content?

It becomes dehydrated, or dry.

What happens to foods with removal of its moisture content?

It becomes dehydrated, or dry.

Is acidic urine darker?

Urine becomes darker only if you are dehydrated. Drink more water and the waste becomes a lighter color. When you are dehydrated (Darker color) your urine is more acidic than normal.

When your body becomes dehydrated the pituitary gland?

Secretes a hormone simulating thirst.

What happens to the body If an individual becomes dehydrated?

The following can happen to the body when it becomes dehydrated: the mouth becomes dry and you have more thirst, urine output decreases and is more yellow than normal, headache, dry skin, dizziness, tiredness, sleepiness, and few to no tears. Eventually your organs shut down.

What liquid solution becomes red in an acid?

Phenolphthalein solution turns red in an acidic environment. This color change occurs due to the shift in the pH of the solution, which causes phenolphthalein to undergo a chemical transformation and display a red hue in acidic conditions.

What happens to the number of hydrogen ions if a solution becomes more acidic?

The concentration of hydrogen in a solution increases as the pH of the solution becomes more acidic.

When a solution becomes yellow?

A solution of methyl oerange is yellow.

What happens when a solute and solvent form a solution?

it becomes solution

If you add solute to a dilute solution the solution becomes more what solution?

The dilute solution become a concentrated solution.