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yes he really dose want to be your friend he trying to be friendly with you

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Q: When a man says you are his best friend he loves you and hugs and kisses you on cheek?
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If you have a girl friend and you give your girl best friend friendly kisses on the cheek is that bad?

As friendly as those kisses could be, I think your girlfriend might get pretty mad at you. Remeber, stay faithful to your girlfriend. yes that is really bad because would you give you guy friends friendly kisses on the ceek. JESUS LOVES YOU UHHHHH let me think......................................YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is terrribale why would you even ask that, YYYEEEESSSSSSS IT IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if your girlfriend's best friend always kisses you on the cheek when she visits one day she greets you with a kiss on the lips does it mean she's interested?

Of course it does! And then you have to decide between your girlfriend or your girlfriend's best friend to be your lover.

What do you do when the person you love loves your best friend?

if i love some one and that person loves my best best friend i Will talk to my best friend to leave him or i wont talk to my friend again

Is Miley Cyrus a lesbeian?

She like kisses her best freind on the cheek but no she is no! But she mite seem like one but she is 100/ NOT!

Does soapy die in gun?

kyle loves Lauren niall loves tilly and anavi is my best friend and I'm anavi's best friend kyle is niall's best friend and Lauren is tilly's best friend

How do my best friend loves me?

You might know that your best friend loves you because he or she pays attention to you when you speak. When a person loves another person, they are often interested in what that person has to say.

How can you tell if your male best friend loves you?

I don't know but I think its the actions that you can tell that your male best friend loves you! Well it depends to the situation!

How do you know if your best friend loves you back?

If your best friend admits that he loves you, he might actually love you. But you still risk that he might be trying to manipulate you.

What do you do when you best guy friend says i love you and kisses you?

You say i love you and ask him out

What should you do when your best friend's girlfriend kisses you on the lips?

from experience tell him unless you dont want to be his friend anymore.

Why did one of my best friend guys ask me to?

he loves you

What do you do when your best friend's boyfriend loves you and you love him?

Discuss it with him. then maybe talk to your best friend! Hope this helps!