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Normally if ANY guy older or younger waves and smiles at you A: IT MEANS HE'S A PSYCHO B: HE WANTS TO BE YOUR friend! and likes you AS A FRIEND! Sorry, if you got your hopes up but he's just a friend!


If the older guy is just a bit older, it probably does mean he likes you; that he's interested in you.

If the older guy is quite a bit older, the answer is the same but you must also question, 'why?'. Perhaps you look older than you really are; so you must remember that how you look is not who you are. If you look your age, you MUST question why an older guy is finding you attractive. The usual reason that older men are attracted to girls (beyond the usual middle age syndrome) is that they can't relate to women their own age (they can even recite a laundry list why that is but it's just excuses); they're emotionally immature (ugh); their intentions are not honorable, they hope you will be flattered by the attentions of an older man but the reality is that what they find attractive about you is your inexperience and naivete. None of these reasons are to your advantage.

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Q: When a guy is older than you and he smiles and waves at you does he like you?
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He probably likes you, but is kind of embarrassed

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