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they want in your pants to have sex with you lol or they coiuld want to meet you or they want to make another girl jealus or they coukld want you to take them to imaginary land wheere the mistical unicorns lerk and the sex dinasours are is that a good enought answer for you you probBLY LIKE CHEESE AND I DONT BLAME YOU CHEESE IS GOOD

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If he flirts with other girls in addition to you; then he is just a flirt.
If he only flirts with you then he is probably interested in you.

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It means he is interested or it could mean he is just a flirt and does this with more than one girl. Get to know him and find out which it is.

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Q: When a guy flirts with you a lot does that mean he likes you or is he just a flirt?
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What does it mean if a girl flirts with you a lot but the girl is just a big flirt?

She probably likes you.

If a guy who doesnt usually flirt with a girl flirts with someone does that mean he likes the girl?


What does it mean when the guy you like flirts with you a lot but told your friends that he doesn't like like you?

it means hes a flirt and he just likes to make you think that he likes you when really he thinks your ugly

What does it mean when people says he a flirt mean?

he flirts with many ladies

Does she like you or does she like to flirt with guys?

Well,it all depends.If she flirts with other guys as much as you then she just likes flirting but if she flirts with you and only you or mainly you then she likes you. also, sometimes it depends on what you think is flirting and what is not- sometimes people think that everything is flirting. if you think she is only acting a little flirty, it could just be how she behaves and she does not mean anything to any of the boys.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you and other boys?

People flirt. It is good for health. If someone is committed also it does not mean she can not flirt with the others. When it comes to loyalty, there is definitely a limit of flirting. So, when a girl flirts with you, just feel lucky and enjoy. And know where to draw the line.

What does it mean if the girl you flirt with flirts back?

She's probably trying to fight you

What does it mean when a guy friend only flirts with you when hes not around his friends and he only flirts with YOU?

When a guy only flirts with you, and doesn't flirt with you around his friends, he's probably trying to hide the fact that he likes you from his friends. Probably trying to avoid being teased. But yes, I did say likes, or even, loves you. Maybe he has outgrown and matured, seeing you more then just a friend now. Give it a shot, give him a chance, and good luck!

If a girl looks at you does it mean she likes you?

Just because she looks at you doesn't mean she likes you. It depends on whether she talks, smiles, laughs or flirts. All girls are different.

What does it mean when a girl flirts with you seduvtively?

That she likes you and thinks you are hot.

If a guy flirts with you and imitates you sometimes too what does it mean?

he likes you

How do you know this boy likes you if he never asked for your number but flirts with you. read discussion page if it helps to answer?

that must mean he likes u but he is to scared to ask u ur number so he just flirts it a boy thing they all do it