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It means that she thinks you arent paying enough attention to her, or that you aren't really interested in her- if that's what you think it is ask her if that is, if not you should ask her what she means, and tell her that you DO love her.

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Q: When a girl says she don't think you love her anymore?
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You love a girl and she dont love you anymore?

Move on. Wouldn't you rather have someone that appreciated you?

What can you do if you still love your ex and your ex has a girl friend?

Maybe you should try to forget him,if he had a girlfriend that means he dont love you anymore( I think)..but if you think that he still love you just fight for him,take him back..whatever you will do good luck..

You love someone but he said he dont feel your love even but i make him to feel but think that i m not trustworthy girl i never ditch him but dont know y he want break up?

It sounds like his way of saying that he doesn't want to be with you anymore but he cant tell you to your face that he is just not into you anymore.

Your boyfriend says he is not feeling the same and maybe he doesnt love you anymore you have to break up cause you had a fight 4 days ago What should you do you love him you dont want to lose him?

dont waste your time with someone who says they dont "think" they love you anymore.

What should you do if you think your in love with this girl who's amazing but you never see her anymore and we hardly ever talk anymore?

If you think you're in love with her then go after her. Make the effort to talk to her and see her.

What should you do if you think your in love with a friend who's a girl but not sure if she likes you the same way and you dont really see her anymore?

tell her how you feel next time you see her or get over it

What does' i dont know how to love anymore after the war'mean?

Well i think that the war was a problem in the relationship, and that after the problem was over on of the persons did like the other person anymore

You love a girl and you think she doesnt love you what should you do now?

You get brave and ask her and if she dont love you give the girl sometime and she will come around if not move on to someone who does

Does Justin Bieber love a girl with dimples?

he has them well kinda i dont think it matters

Why a girl have pain in her when she is excited by touching her boyfriend?

because she think she is in love but really dont get the clear meaning of love

She asked him why dont you love me anymore?

Punch her in her Virgina

When was I Don't Think She's in Love Anymore created?

I Don't Think She's in Love Anymore was created in 1982-03.