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I just need to know if you are at high risk what does that mean?

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Q: When a doctor says you are at high risk condition with your health with a heart problem what does this mean?
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How can heart condition affect you?

Heart condition can affect you by slowing down your muscles and your circulatory system. All this can affect your health - your daily life. If you have heart conditions, i suggest you visit a doctor, hospital, etc.

Is it safe to use heart health supplements with a heart condition?

It can be safe to use heart health supplements. Many doctors recommend supplements. The only way to know which ones and what kinds, is to consult with your doctor and find out.

What is a heart arrhythmia and where can I find some information on it?

Heart issues can be very scary. You can talk to your doctor for more information on your condition.

Does mornings run affect any health or heart problem?

Does morning run affect any health or heart problem

Why does your chest hurt when you run?

I strongly suggest you see your physician, and ideally a cardiologist, so as to assess the condition of your heart.

What type of patients are seen in a family practices clinic?

The way the modern health care system is designed, if you get sick you go to a family doctor. This doctor may or may not be prepared to treat you; if your problem is particularly difficult the family doctor will refer you to a specialist in your particular problem. But you always start with the family doctor. You don't say "I think I have Heart disease so I will see a cardiologist." You see the family doctor, and if he or she thinks that you have heart disease and need to see a cardiologist, you will be sent to one at that time.

What is a cardiologist?

A cardiologist is in plain terms, a heart doctor. One who's specialty is in the operation, condition, and diseases of the heart.A cardiologist is a Doctor Who specializes in heart care.

Do you have a heart problem?

yes, im 1/10 children born with a heart condition. i have a pulmonary pcondition. p.s. for future reference we don't like the terms problem, we rather condition

How can I find a doctor that specializes in heart health?

Heart health is extremely important, as is choosing the right doctor. You can find some tips online at or

Could your epilepsy be causing you to have heart probems?

There is not normally a connection between epilepsy and other conditions. People who have epilepsy can have other health problems, but these would not normally be because of their epilepsy. If you are concerned about a heart problem, go to see a doctor.

Can an enlarged heart shrink back to normal size?

no your going to die. Absolutely not true , but many variables exist, such as age , health condition, etc.. My daughter's heart was enlarged due to a PDA and after repair of the problem she actually grew into the heart and has led a normal life.

When you have a bowel movement after it you get weak?

You may have a heart problem. See your doctor.