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itt couldd meen alott of thingss like:

1)he really likes yuh

2)yuhr probably AA good kisser nn hee wants more

3)hees probaly gettin yuhh comfortable wit him so he kan use yuh to have sexx

4)show off to his friends

5)tell evryone wut yuh gyz did nn maybe even lie nn say stuff that can ruin yuhr reputation

soo yeaa itt could meen alott moree....

butt soo farr soundss cutee!!:))

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It defiantly means he likes you, and like the kissing.

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Q: When I was kissing this dude and he pulled me into him by my waist and started kissing again What does that mean?
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You were kissing this dude and he pulled you into him by your waist?

Probably it meant that he thought you were hot stuff, or that he wanted to get your knickers off.

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