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One of the biggest problems in relationships (whether it's men or women asking the questions), is that people don't want to be honest about what they really feel and mean.

Sometimes this is because they're nervous or fearful about taking the risk of being vulnerable, and sometimes it's because they're not really interested but don't want to hurt the other person's feelings, or don't want to bother explaining because they don't even care THAT much.

So without knowing more about the situation in your question, it could be that he isn't very interested but doesn't want to be mean about it, or he doesn't want to admit that he WOULD like to talk to you and so he wants you to make the first move.

My opinion is that if more women held men to a higher standard, we wouldn't have to be asking these questions. They would know that if they're interested they have to "step up to the plate" and be pro-active, or some other guy will do it. Plus, if they weren't at all interested, that would be clear also.

We're making it too easy for men to not be men - and I, for one, want a man to act like a man. I don't care if his first interest is in my body, or if he doesn't have a lot of verbal skill or a good handle on emotional language. I don't care if he doesn't know how to dress, can't dance worth a darn, and doesn't know the best restaurants to take me too. I just want him to courageously make his best effort at winning me, and I'll treat him with the respect he deserves for being the man he really can be.

Don't settle for wishy-washy - even MEN don't respect that in their peers!

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Q: When He says If you want to Or Call back if you need to what does that mean?
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