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When hammering a nail a person uses the wrist muscle, triceps muscle, bicep muscle and hand muscles which are called extrinsic, thinner eminence and intrinsic muscles.

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Q: Whats muscles are used to hammer a nail?
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Is the hammer a lever?

Depending on what you are using the hammer for. If the hammer is been used to pull up a nail then yes but if its been used to hammer in a nail then no. For something to be a lever it must have a fulcrum which the curve on the hammer works as as you try to pull out a nail.

What are the uses of claw hammer?

The claw hammer can not only hammer a nail into wood but can , by way of the claw , grasp the head of the nail and be used to pry/leverage the nail from wood .

What is used to drive a nail?


How is a hammer a leaver?

A claw hammer is a lever when it is being used to pull a nail out.

What minerals are in hammer and nail?

Steel is used to form both hammer and nails.

What is a iron nail?

An iron nail is an object used to hammer things in with, boof, or boof boof

Is a nail iron?

An iron nail is an object used to hammer things in with, boof, or boof boof

A tool that should be used with the hammer when driving a nail below the surface of the wood is called a?

Nail punch.

Is to paper as nail is to wood?

No, paper is a material used to write on, while nails are used to fasten things together. A better comparison would be nail to hammer, as nails are driven into wood using a hammer.

What part of speech is hammer?

Hammer can be used as a verb or a noun.Verb: Dave hammered the nail right through his hand.Noun: Please hand the hammer to me.

How does a hammer used to pull a nail from the board change the direction of the force?

It is a lever.

A hammer is used to pull a nail from a piece of wood How could the hammer be modified to make the task easier?

Make The Handle Longer