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As an old codger of 80 years of age relationships with the opposite sex was not sought after until we were at least 18 years of age. I can only pass on to you some suggestions that stood me in good stead, not only with the girls I went with but also their parents. 1. Treat them as if they were your sister or brother. 2. At 14 years of age let the relationship be purely platonic, in other words free from physical desire. This can only do harm to the relationship. 3. Treat them as your best friend and see how things work out between you, there is no rush to commit yourself. 4. Be kind and courteous to each other. 5. Do not try to grow up to quickly, remember you are only 14. I know thing are different from my young days, but chivalry should not not change. Finally, no one wants second hand goods, if in doubt, don't.

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Q: What you do in an relationship at 14?
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