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Um...I love you? o_O;

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Q: What you can said to him that you really like him?
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Who said they like you they really really like you?

Angelica Pickles, from Rugrats

If you like a boy and you said you dont like him what would you do?

If you really like that boy then go back to him and apologize that whatever you said was wrong and you really like him a lot

If a guy is flirting with all girls but barely flirts with you if he says he likes you does he really like me?

well it depens how he said it if he just said ya ok i really like you or if he says it this way in like a your special tone i really like you the most i promise kinda way!

If do you really not like school and don't you really like school have the same meaning?

Yes . See, if you say don't you really like school, you're saying it as a comment after someone just said something for you to say and if you say do really not like school you're saying that they said they don't like school so you ask that and

Is Kristen Stewart straight?

she's not she said she really liked kiss Dakota and said she would like to do that again (in a vid she said this) she did it, like pop the question

I said to a boy did you miss talking to me he said not really?

Im sorry to say but that sounds like there is somebody else in the picture. Because if he said not really that means he had some company

Which band has Bieber said he would really like to jam with?

he wants to really jam with U2

Why would the guy you like keep showing signs that he likes you for over a year after your guy friend told him you like him and he looked at you and smiled and said he wants to know you?

this means that he really really like u that is why he said he wants to know you

What to do if a guy asked you out and you said no and you feel guilty and now you really like him?

Simply tell him what you just said in your question.

If a boy says love you does it mean anything?

Well, it depends on how he said it. If he said it like he didn't care, then it doesn't mean anything. if he said it like he cared than it means he really does.

What would an older girl do if you said you like her?

That really depends on how much older and what her personality is. There really isn't a foolproof answer.

Why did you say no but one of her older look just like her?

I said that every say that but she really look like her