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white blood cells

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Q: What wraps around harmful bacteria and produce antibodies to combat diseases?
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Wraps around harmful bacteria and produce antibodies to combat diseases?

White blood cells are the backbone of the bodies immunity. White blood cells attach to bad cells or bacteria to help fight of disease.

What does a bacteria produce that interfere with the metabolism of other bacteria?


What Are workers needed to wrap around harmful bacteria to produce anti-bodies to combat diseases?

white blood cells

What are the potentially harmful side effects of antibodies?

Antibodies attack proteins. If the organism starts to produce antibodies against the essencial proteins in metabolism (as seen in autoimune disease) it can lead to death

What is the job of white blood cell?

To produce antibodies, engulf antigens and produce antitoxin. They do this to protect the body of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

What stimulates a person's body to produce chemicals that destroy vireses or bacteria?

The best answer would be Antibodies; however, these do not chemically "attack" viruses or bacteria. More accurately, antibodies recognize various germs and allow the various cell types of your immune system to attack and destroy these germs directly. For more info on how this works see:

Why all bacteria harmful or why no?

Bacteria may be harmful or helpful to humans. Some bacteria may cause lethal diseases when infecting humans, whereas others may be necessary to help maintain optimal health in humans (such as those in the small intestine which produce Vitamin K). Other bacteria help us with the production of various foods (cheese) and beverages (beer and wine).

What makes some bacteria harmful?

some bacteria produce toxins in their metabolism which is harmful for humans. if you have used antibiotics, the normal, good, bacteria that live in your body can be replaced by a pathogen, which will make you sick.

What does the organs in the immune system do?

they produce white blood cells (leucocytes) which help protect the body against harmful viruses by producing antibodies, and by a process called "phagocytosis" in which the white blood cell completely engulfs the bacteria, making it harmless.

How can antibodies or vaccinations help us to become immune to diseases?

Vaccinations helps to trigger the immune system in the body to produce antibodies. Once the immune system has been boosted up, it helps to prevent infection in the body thus preventing you from diseases

What has been used in bacteria to produce proteins in drugs that help fight diseases?


How does injecting someone with a killed bacteria vaccine protect someone from getting that disease?

There is nothing like killed disease. You have the killed microorganisms. These killed microorganisms are injected to the person. That gives rise to formation of the antibodies. These antibodies protect the person from the attack of the live microorganism.