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your body wouldn't function correctly

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Q: What would your body do without diffusion?
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Why does diffusion happen in capillaries?

Capillaries must allow diffusion too allow for exchange of oxygen. Without oxygen, the eventual consequence would be death.

What are examples of diffusion in the human body?

Diffusion occurs in the human body in a variety of ways. Examples of diffusion are through respiration, ion movement and the diffusion of nutrients in the kidney and small intestine.

Give examples of diffusion in the human body?

There are quite a few examples of diffusion in the human body. They are breathing, sneezing, evaporation, blood diffusion, and homeostasis.

How does oxygen diffuse through the body?

Diffusion occurs throughout the human body, and without it, cells and body tissue, dirty atmosphere, oxygen concentration may be low, and the eye can dry out.

Where in your body does diffusion take place?

diffusion takes place in the alveoli

Where does Gas exchange take place in the hydra?

It is simpie diffusion through body surface

Why diffusion is an important process to your body?

Diffusion is an important process to your body because molecules enter your body cells and waste products are removed.

Why are the processes of osmosis and diffusion essential for life?

Because without them, your nipples would not produce mountain dew.

What is net movement of substances across plasma membrane without additional energy?

Diffusion. With the need of energy, it would be called active transport.

How does oxygen get to body cells?


Where is facilitated diffusion found?

in the body

What would happen without enzyms?

Without enzymes your body would process more slowly.