What would you go ewe for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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somthing nasty

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Q: What would you go ewe for?
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Short stories the inheritor by frank Roberts What would have happened if the man had not protected the ewe?

the ewe would have died

What is a rams mate?

That would be a EWE

What is the opposite gender of ewe?

The opposite of ewe (female sheep) would be "ram."

What is a palindrome of female sheep?

The palindrome associated with sheep is the female, the "ewe."

What is a male ewe called?

AnswerThere is no such thing. An ewe is a female sheep. A male sheep would be a ram.A ewe is actually a female sheep, so it is impossible to have a 'male ewe'. A male sheep is called a ram.A ram or wether.

Do you say a ewe or an ewe?

The name Rachel means ewe and in Hebrew ewe means female sheep I was just wondering how you would pronounce ewe. A ewe, pronounced "YOU". Because "ewe" begins with a vowel, it may be correct to list it as "an ewe" but in speech, the sound you hear is "U", and therefore, it is justifiable to list it as "a ewe" as well. EDIT: According to the book "Principles of English Grammar" Page 19 an ewe is shown as incorrect. The reason is cited on page 18 "a and not an is used before a long u" Other examples cited a eulogy, a unit.

What would Rachel mean in Japanese?

the definition of rachel is ewe in Hebrew or lamb in English so in Japanese if you go by sound it would be reicheru but you would be called kohistuji

How would one spell ewe to denote dislike etc?

There is no word like "ewe" that means anything like dislike.

What is a spayed ewe called?

i think it is still an ewe i wanna say, i know (this is in horses!! that a mare is still a mare even if it is fixed)so i am pretty sure it is an ewe....;) i would google it though-

What baby would a ram and ewe produce?

a rewe

What is the name of a female caribou?

It would be called an Ewe.

Opposite of ram?