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I would be like "EWWWW!" and probably brake up with him.

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Q: What would you do if you find out that your boyfriend has a live in partner?
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What can your girlfriend who you live with in a relationship interduce you as?

she could interduce you as her: - lovely handsome boyfriend. - my darling new boyfriend . - my partner. OR - my new boyfriend / my boyfriend luv from miss.cutiepie :)

How do you call your live in partner?

I'm not sure if maybe you meant "What do you call your live in partner?". It depends on where you live as to how to reference this. In some areas, they would just be your live-in boyfriend or girl friend, or they could be referred to as your common law wife/husband, or de facto wife/husband.

If your boyfriend stays with does that make it a live in boyfriend?

Ya but that's if you made the boyfriend then he would live with you! :/ Thanks peace! (:

How can you accept your boyfriend and his son from previous live in partner?

Um i think you have to make them good friends to do that if not then try best friends!!! :)

What do males do if they don't have a girl friend?

They live fine and happy lives if they actually prefer being single. Others may have a boyfriend as their partner. If they want a girlfriend but don't have one, then they will expend effort trying to find one.

If you're a fat girl and can't find a boyfriend what other reason is there to live for?

Relationship is not the only reason to live.

Do sea horses live in shoal or alone?

Seahorses do not live in a shoal, they live alone. When they find a mate, they remain with the same partner until they die.

Should you call your ex-boyfriend if you miss him and want him back even though he is a 'burn out'?

Well, being a burn out is not an atribute that most would want in a partner. If you can tolerate him being that way that's your business. Why wouldn't you want to find someone who makes good use of their live and is a positive being on this earth. Our time here is limited so take the bull by the horns and live a good life.

If your father died and was divorced and he had live in partner who is next of kin?

Next of kin would be the children.

What if your boyfriend would rather live with the man next door than you?

tell him your dumped

What is the difference between an expectant boyfriend and a nonjudicial boyfriend?

An expectant boyfriend would be if you and your bf live together and you are expecting. Non-Judcial BF means that you are living together not married and you arent pregos.

Can a 17 year old girl move out legally to live with her 24 year old boyfriend?

you would have to get parents ok to live with him