What would you do at party?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What would you do at party?
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How do you write about anything as a third party?

I would be first party, you would be second party, he or she would be third party.

If Tom and Dick threw a party it would be Tom and Dick's party if Harry and I threw a party would it be Harry and my party or Harry's and my party?

me and harrys party i think Tom & Dick's party Harry's and my party. Those are technically the proper terms, but I personally would not give a party, which is an event, a possessive form. I would say "a party for Tom & Harry," or for whom or what the party is thrown, or "a party that Tom, Harry, and/or I threw for [person or event/occasion."

When Margaret is having a party where does the apostrophie come on the invitation to Margarets party?

It would be: Margaret's Party Unless there are two Margarets with the same party. Then it would be: Margarets' Party

What is A new party is formed whose only concern is the environment. what kind of party would this be?

They would call themselves an Environmental party or "Green" party.

Why would the development of factions within a political party hurt that party's chances for success?

The development of factions within a political party would hurt that party's chances for success because they would probably divide the loyalties of the party's members. If the opposing party is more unified, they have a greater chance at success.

Why would the development of factions within a political party hurt the party chance for success?

because there would be conflict in that party

You accepted a Third Party Check that then bounced Who is responsible the first or second party?

The third-party would contact the second-party as it was that party that received the goods or services from the third-party. The second-party would have recourse against the original issuer (first-party).

What is a pisces party?

I'm guessing it would would be a birthday party at the beach or pool.

Can you have a live penguin at your party?

that would be an awesome party

What party favors would you want for your birthday party ?

For my birthday party, I would want party favors that guests can eat (such as chocolates) or use again (such as a mug or shirt) instead of an item like a paper hat that would simply get thrown away after the party.

What party would you join?

well if we are talking the usa there's no doubt that it would be the democratic party

How would you use political party in a sentence?

There are two political party in the usa and they are the republican party and the democratic party