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They would die, and it wouldn't take very long.

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Q: What would people do without water?
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What problem people have faced during drought occur?

There is a lack of food and water would survive without food but we cannot survive without water

Would people weigh more or less without water in their bodies?

Less, ovbiously.

How much water is used by desert people?

Not alot. In days they would go without it.

Why do you recycle wastewater?

The reason for recycling water or water reclamation is due to the fact that water consumption is steadily increasing but the fresh water supply continuously decreases. Without water reclamation, we would eventually run out of fresh water reserves, and people would either dehydrate or would turn to waste water for something to drink. Without treatment this water would make people extremely sick and most likely cause death.

Advantages and disadvantages of oceans?

Without oceans there would be no rain .... without rain there would be no water .... without water there would be no life on our planet

Why people need water?

Because, people can't live without water. water is the best vitamin for people. people can live for 2 or 3 week without food, but people can just live only a few day with without water.

Why would permanent melting of the Himalayan ice would bring disaster?

water flows would dry up, these water flows are important source of fresh water in India, without it, people would get dehydrated

What happens to life without geometry?

There would be no life because without the geometry of the water molecule, there would be no water. No water, no life.

What would happen without the life-giving water of the nile?

What would happen without the lifegiving water of the nile

without heat from the sun the water cycle would?

Without heat from the sun the water cycle would not work .

Would mung bean grow without water?

no plants can grow without water; neither can seeds germinate without water

What would happen to the water cycle without precipication?

There would be no water cycle.

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