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Personally I think it might break the sub's will, she would probably end up an empty shell, unable to take care of herself.

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Q: What would it do phsycologically to a submissive to be taken from their dominant?
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What is a submissive attitude?

if you're submissive, you do what your told with no question and can come across as being scared of the person you are being submissive to. Submissive posture is different to dominant. You would stand smaller and would probably look down /fidget a bot. Being submissive can be mis-read as being scared, but it's kinda being really obedient and trusting. A submissive dog would do as it's told and would not jump up or bark at the person, it would be calm/submissive :)

Why would an animal run away from other animal or fight when it attacked?

If the animal runs away it is usually because it is submissive or insecure. But if it stands up to the other animal, it is sure of it's power and strength. And a dominant animal. My dog for example is very submissive and would cower down, roll over on her back, or run away. Hope this helps! =D

What is the difference between passive and submissive in a gay relationship?

In the gay community, "passive" is a word used to describe a man who is the "recipient" of the penis during anal intercourse. Sometimes passive is also applied to the one who takes the other's penis into his mouth (receives it inside him) during oral sex. This is opposed to a person who is "active" which means they are the ""inserter" during anal intercourse and the "inserter" during oral sex. Someone who enjoys both giving and receiving during anal intercourse or oral sex would be considered "versatile". Often the term "versatile" is applied only to anal intercourse.Someone who is "submissive" is often understood to be one who submits to another person's desires, whether in a sexual way or just generally."Submissive" is unlike "passive" in that "submissive" does not have to have an opposite. In gay sex, if there is a passive (recipient) person, then there must be an active person. Likewise in BDSM, if there is a submissive partner, there must also be a dominant partner because the submissive partner conforms to the desires of the dominant party. Most people, most of the time, are neither submissive nor dominant in their dealings with others, whether sexual or otherwise. They are cooperative. What we call "vanilla" sex is just cooperative sex, regardless of who is active and who is passive.There is good reason from what gay men say and do to believe that the passive (recipient) person in gay sex often feels or imagines himself to be submissive and derives sexual pleasure from that feeling or imagination. Likewise, the active person often feels or imagines himself to be dominant and derives sexual pleasure from that.

What would a wild loner mare do when approached by a stallion?

To my knowledge I believe she would be submissive to him but if he were to become violent, she would most likely fight back. Then again, she might not be interested at all and not be submissive... I'm not 100% on this one!

What is a docile tone?

Docile means submissive. And tone means a measure of noise or sound. So together it would be a submissive or low measure of noise or sound.

How would you use'submissive' in a sentence?

Submissive means to be a "giving in" type of person or attitude. It can mean that the person has no will of his own, or can imply that the person is suppressing a desire to do something else at a later time.Andrew was a submissive student but secretly plotted to dominate the honor roll. Rhonda is a submissive wife, deferring to her husband's will in all things. When addressing royalty, one must be submissive because they are the rulers.

Would Rr show a dominant or recessive phenotype?


Can getting a dog a buddy make that dog less dominant?

Not always. It really depends on the personalities of the dogs. Think about what would happen if you put two very headstrong leaders in the same room together. More than likely, neither would want to back down and there would be some major personality clashes. If you put two dominant dogs together it could cause even more problems. If you put a submissive dog with a dominant dog that could also cause problems, because it gives the dominant an excuse to stay dominant. If the dog is acting dominant with his owners, you'll need to show him that you're his pack leader and always in control. Professional training or obedience classes are usually the safest way to make sure you're on the right track, because dominance problems can lead to aggression and other behavior issues.

How would a baby change if one parent was homozygous dominant for all the traits and the other parent was heterozygous?

If one parent is homozygous dominant for all traits (carrying two dominant alleles for each trait), and the other parent is heterozygous (carrying one dominant and one recessive allele for each trait), there would be a 100% chance that the baby would inherit the dominant alleles from the homozygous dominant parent. Therefore, the baby would also be heterozygous for all the traits, carrying one dominant and one recessive allele for each trait.

Dominant gene plus Dominant gene?

It would be definite that you have that gene or trait.

Is Tt dominant?

in Tt it would be the big T as the more dominant one

What type of alleles are present in an organism?

Capital letters usually denote dominant alleles. Therefore QQ genotype would contain two dominant alleles for the Q genotype.