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They'd battle it out in there.

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Q: What would happen if you took a stool hardener and a laxative at the same time?
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What would happen if you were constipated?

You would have to take a laxative.

What can be used as a hardener for frostings?

Powdered sugar can be used as a hardener for frostings. You can keep adding it until the icing is as thick as you would like it to be.

What is different between catalyst and hardener?

Catalysts are substances that increase the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed. Hardeners, on the other hand, are substances used to cure or set materials like resins, paints, or adhesives by initiating a chemical reaction that causes them to harden. Hardener is typically a component of a mixture, while a catalyst is a separate substance that facilitates a reaction.

How do you diagnose fecal impaction?

Check the patient's belly below the navel. If it feels solid as you pass your hand over the belly applying gentle pressure there may be an impaction. Another indication would be diarrhea or loose stool after administering a laxative.

Does eating Ricola really induce laxative effects?

Yes! I would not recommend this candy at all... Very laxative.

Why would there be a pill in your bowel movement?

Assuming you are constipated and are looking for a pill to cause a bowel movement. The term for what you are looking for is called a laxative or stool softener. A good laxative in pill form is Dulcolax, available at most drugs counters at supermarkets or drug stores such as Walgreen. According to the label, it is the #1 doctor recommended product. I am on a medication that causes constipation and I take Dulcolax. Works fine for me.

If you have not been able to use the restroom for 3 days due to painful constipation how would you be able to use the restroom without suffering from excruciating pain?

You could try using a laxative combined with a stool softener. That way, when the laxative takes effect, you should pass your stools without too much discomfort until your system is back to normal. If this is a regular occurrence, see your doctor for professional advice.

What should you give your constipated bird for a laxative?

It's very difficult to tell if your bird is constipated. I would personally recommend that you offer your bird fruits (make sure your bird is not toxic to certain fruits) and this should help with his/her stool. If your still worried contact your avian vet.

When is the best time to take a laxative?

The best time to take a laxative would be in the evening before you go to bed then you will get the effects of it when you wake up

What kind of foods would turn your stool light in color?

yellow stool dye #5

What will happen if 2 scorpions got up your butt?

in real life you would probably die or be really sick, but in the american dad world ( which is why your asking this most likely) you would feel like you were cleaned out like taking a laxative or something

What 2 materials would glue need for it to stick?

An adhesive and a hardener, or an adhesive and a solvent (which evaporates, allowing the glue to harden)