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i just did that nothing happened !

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Q: What would happen if you put hand sanitizer in your hair?
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Will your hair fall out if you put hand sanitizer on your head?

It is unlikely that your hair will fall out by putting hand sanitizer on it. However, I would not make a practice of this behavior - it is called HAND sanitizer for a reason

What would happen if you put hand sanitizer on your face?

well first hand sanitizer has alcohol that irritates your skin so don't put it on you mouth near or around your eyes and never put hand sanitizer on you hair more than 2 time your hair might fall out so i say never put it on your face if u do quickly wash your face in water and keep it in there for about 10 minutes

How do you get honey out of your hair?

use hand sanitizer!

Would hand sanitizer gel affect hair strand alcohol tests?

Does the alcohol in hand sanitizers get absorbed through the skin and metabolise by the body

What happens when hand sanitizer comes on your hair?

my friend just put hand sanitizer in his hair and heโ€™s currently on fire. who knew hand sanitizer was flammable dude iโ€™m not even kidding plz help iโ€™m scared cause i rubbed some in tok making fun of him doing it then his hair caught on fire now iโ€™m scared

If you put hand sanitizer on dirt would the hand sanitizer get dirty or the dirt get clean?

Technically, since it's a hand sanitizer and sanitizer means "to make sanitary, as by cleaning or disinfecting" then obviously it's the dirt get cleaned and not the sanitizer get dirty.

How does hand sanitizer affect your hair?

I used it when I had alopecia and grew my hair back a few years ago, now I'm growing bald due to Male baldness and have started using it again and is helping my hair grow

Would you die if you licked your hand after using hand sanitizer?

No, you wouldn't, but it would taste pretty bad. Hand sanitizer isn't meant to be injested, but it's not poisonous.

Where to buy ingredients for hand sanitizer?

To make hand sanitizer yourself, you only need two basic ingredients; isopropyl alcohol and a thickener. The best thickener would be an alcohol based hair gel, because it will not curdle and will mix consistently. Mix the alcohol and hair gel together and try to get an alcohol content of about 60%, and you'll have hand sanitizer. So you can get the ingredients from any store that sells isopropyl alcohol and hair gel.

Will a container of hand sanitizer explode if it freezes?

No, it would not!

Was Purell hand sanitizer the first instant hand sanitizer?


What happens when you get hand sanitizer on your hair?

it dries out. Blake Anderson from "Workoholics" uses it to obtain his desired frizzy hair.