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If a person were just to eat meat:

  • the person would definataly look different because what you eat dose effect how your physical image would look like
  • the person would get ill dut to the fact that us as Humans are omnivors and so our bodies will not cope with only eating animal material ,when we are surpose to eat plant marerial as well. Meat dose have plant materials stored in the tissue of the animal but it just isn't enough for omnivors. But if a person were to eat only plant marerial (being a vegan) their body will be able to cope with that much more than only eating meat.
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So long as you basically eat the entire animal ... you'll live a long and healthy life (abet an expensive one).


If you only eat parts, you'll get malnourished,

and if you drink those protein drinks ... ah, well then, you too can die young.

Metabolic acidosis.)

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you would become obese

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Q: What would happen if you only ate steak?
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