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MonaVie is just a food so drinking too much of it won't hurt you. It is very high in antioxidant power and it is 100% fruit juice so if you drink a lot, you might want to stay close to a bathroom. The worst thing that can happen is it will clean you out if you know what I mean.

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Like with many other vitamins, taking more than the recommended amount doesn't produce additional benefits and is passed through your body with waste. Since MonaVie is basically just a "food", drinking extra won't hurt you.

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Q: What would happen if you drink more than recommended monavie juice?
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What are the side effects of monavie juice?

I have taken this juice. There are no side effects that I have had so far (a few months). I would advise someone to drink the recommended amount because I am not sure what would happen if you drink more.

How many ounces and times should you take monavie juice?

The recommended serving of Monavie is 1-2 ounces 2 times per day.

What are the health benefits of MonaVie juice?

There are plenty of benefits which one is able to find out from the MonaVie Juice. However, The health benefits of MonaVie juice focus on the elimination of free radicals that can cause disease or cancers.

Where can you buy monavie juice?

While MonaVie is the subject of several controversies, their official website is listed below.

What products does MonaVie active sell?

MonaVie Active is a brand of juice sold by the MonaVie company. The company sells various juices claiming that they help with weight loss and health issues. The MonaVie Active product is advertised to help with joint health and recovery.

What does monavie juice look like when it spoils?

Being a Blend of 19 fruits, some pulp/flesh and juice, you will notice the plant derived fatty acids (the Acai Berry) pulp as green clumps (they are soft and may at first look odd. This occurs due to some small degree of separation in the product as well as the use of a whole fruit minus the seed you would see this if any other such product where available. You can think of MonaVie as a melted smoothie, except natural, no chemical boosters powers. MonaVie Gel should be consumed in its entirety as soon as it is opened. If unopened, both MonaVie juices and MonaVie Gel have a shelf life of one year. If the MonaVie juice has been opened, then the shelf life is approximately 30-60 days, as long as the opened bottle is refrigerated.

What can happen if you drink tobacco juice?

tobacco juice can cause you cancer. And make your lungs very much ill

What happen if yu eat oliv juice?

My Mom said it's good for you to drink....

What happen if you drink 8 oz a day of lemon juice for a week just with water and apple juice?

Nothing but teeth begin to weaken

Is monavie sold at the Newport hospital in Newport ri?

Hello, I am a Monavie distributor. The juice is only sold on a person to person basis. If you want, I can show you how to get it at a discount rate. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the link to my website or not though. Do you know?

Is tomato juice a sweet drink or a savory drink?

Tomato juice is a savory drink.

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