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i am guessing the same thing that happened to the woman who injected oil into herself because she thought it would give her better skin....this didnt work. she WAS beautiful....DONT DO IT!! :P

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Q: What would happen if starch was injected into the bloodstream?
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Why do diabetics inject insulin into the skin and not directly into the bloodstream?

It is not injected into the skin, it is injected into fat. If it was injected into the bloodstream it would act too quickly and most likely kill you.

If the nicotine content of two cigars were injected into a person's bloodstream would death occur?


If the nicotine content of two cigars were injected into a person's bloodstream. death would occur?

Drain opener would not do you much good either...

What would happen if you injected steroids into your penis?

i wouldn't try it

How do you treat grease in bloodstream how did it get there and how much am i suppose to have what does it do to the body and how do I get rid of it?

If you have grease in your bloodstream, it had to have been injected. A person is not likely to notice it, though. Grease in a person's blood would likely require medical attention.

What would happen if you injected glue into one of your veins?

u'd die

What would happen to a patient if he were suddenly injected with a large dose of calcium?

They would die

What would happen if cylin was injected into a cell that has mitosis?

Pee pods would pear

What would happen if you injected yourself with pure ATP?

It would probably cause a negative feedback.

What would happen if you injected Ecstasy?

You get a more intense high as opposed to eating it

What would happen if the iodine molecules passed through the membrane into the starch suspension?

The starch suspension would form into a blue-black precipitate. This is due to the reaction between starch and iodine.

What would happen if someone injected meth into their heart?

If someone injected meth into their heart it would kill them.If someone injected meth into there heart, it will increase the speeds of their breathing, heart rate, thoughts and actions.