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you could die... it depends exactly what happens , but today medicine can help in many cases. Need to consult a doctor immediately.

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Q: What would happen if something went wrong with your body?
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What would happen to the body if given the wrong medicine?

Bad things.

What will happen if you don't have red blood cells?

There's something wrong with your body. Edited answer: It will loose the ability to hold oxygen

Why your body starts shaking sudenlly?

Could be something wrong with the nerves, your cold, or a seizure is bound to happen, see a doctor immediatley if you are worried

What would happen in the circulatory system and in the whole body if the heart valves failed?

if the valves failed then the blood would go in the wrong direction.

What problem would a person most likely have if its kidneys did not work?

the balance of water in her body would be wrong.

Why you have fever?

because your body realized there is something wrong going on in your body

ARE Parents who take an active role in educating their children on body parts early on sending the wrong message to their children?

No, understanding how your own body works is not wrong. Ducking the questions would indicate there is something wrong with it and make the child feel shame for no reason.

Why are pathological conditions accompanied by great deal of pain?

why do you think your body has a nervous system?.. all of the ailments you mentioned are inflammatory. they hurt because they are injuries to your body.. you body is telling you that something is wrong.. and you need to fix it.. it uses the nervous system to communicate with you so that you will do something about the condition.. if you don't, it will get worse.. and you could die.. the body is reacting to an emergency.. it does not matter what the ailment is.. what matters is that you know it is happening.. stop and think about what would happen if you had not idea of an inflamed pleura sack.. what if you had a hole in your gut and there was no pain.. what if your pericardium was inflamed and you did not know it? what would happen?.. it would get worse and you would die.. all injuries and other conditions are accompanied by pain.. it is one of the body's' survival mechanisms

What will happen if this world has no water?

I really do wonder what would happen. Obviously every one would die considering that more then half the human body is water Did you fail 5th grade or something?

What would happen to the human body if there is no blood?

The body would die.

What causes blood thicken?

Do you mean in the sense that it would cause blood to clot? Blood clots and doesn't clot due to something being wrong with clotting factors in the body... wether it be absence of one or possibly something wrong with another.

If you have to give up one of your five senses which one you dont like to give up?

Touch. You would not know if there was something wrong with your body, and you would not be able to control body movements