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stomach explodes

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Q: What would happen if a person ate expanding foam?
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Is expanding foam waterproof?

Yes it is.

Where would you use expanding foam?

Any opening in your home. ie- window frame and rough opening (use minimal expanding foam to not damage window) soffit area of roof, garage door opening, basement opening for HVAC etc...

What does Nerf stand for?

NERF has no spacific meaning to it, its just a brand of a toy line developed by Hasbro. I guess if you want a meaning it could refer to small foam dart shooting guns HOPE THIS HELPS ~Shadow~ It stands for "Non Expanding Recreational Foam"

Is there a plastic surgery to repair the circumference of an anus opening?

expanding foam

Why are Nerf guns called Nerf?

The NERF gun is named after the foam used - NERF stands for Non Expanding Recreational Foam.

What is expanding foam?

When a woman becomes aroused, the inside of her lady parts becomes moist. Frothy even. Almost like a foam. In turn, if she becomes more aroused the foam will expand.

Can you use expanding spray foam on hot water pipes?

Of course you can, but think of what you will do if there is a leak.

Is expanding foam safe to use with edible products?

hi mum me dean and latifah love you

Why is Nerf called Nerf?

Nerf was the name of the original foam ball that started it all, years ago. It's supposed to stand for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. NERF.

What is building insulation made up of?

Depending on the type of insulation it could be anything from an expanding foam to fiberglass to shredded denim.

Would there happen to be any websites that could help me find foam insulation?

A great website you can visit is called They have foam insalation options for businesses, and homeowners. You can never go wrong here.

If there is a leak can fix a flat be used to seal the leak?

No. Fix a flat is an expanding foam that would completely block any pipes or hoses it coam into contact with. you really need a product called radweld.