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Well this question is relatively easy. I have actually had this. my doctor determined it was from dehydration. It usually happened after i had continuously exerted myself. In some cases i would go 4 to 5 hours without a drink. I actually found a very interesting source: For an article please click the link below salty saliva.

I hope this helped.

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Q: What would cause very salty saliva?
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The process of digestion begins in the mouth. As you chew, you release saliva into your mouth. Your saliva begins to convert starches into sugars before the food even gets to your stomach, so the starch in the rice begins to taste sweeter as you chew it. This is also quite apparent if you chew a salty soda cracker for a very long time, the flavor turns sweeter the longer you chew to mix in your saliva and cause the conversion.

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Well your mouth would be very dry, swallowing would hurt (saliva coats chewed up food, called a bolus, as you swallow it). Digestion of carbohydrates/starch normally begins in the mouth because of salivary amylase in the saliva; this would not happen if there was no saliva

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when a vegetable is placed in very salty water, the vegetable becomes soft and collapses. Why does this happen?

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