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The words I would choose to use wouldn't be appropriate for this site, however it sounds like the person is selfish, inconsiderate, obtuse, arrogant, and blatantly stupid.

People like this only care about themselves and don't care how they make others feel, as long as they get what they want and are happy, then they don't care about anyone else. Confronting them makes them confrontational because you are pointing out their selfishness and arrogant ways and they look at themselves as being perfect and nothing is suppose to hinder that, they can't handle or don't want to hear the truth.

There really is not help for anyone like that until they wake up and realize what they are doing and admit it to themselves. Continuing to try and point it out to them is only going to make them angrier and worse. Hopefully something will open the persons eyes and make them realize that they need to consider other peoples feelings and situations, it's not always about "them".

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Q: What would be a word to describe someone who does something for a selfish reason even though it may make someone they are supposed to care about hurt and then get angry when confronted about it?
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