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God has shown me by his unconditional love to ask him in faith for wisdom for the relationship. He actually wills for each of us to be friends with certain people. So what He's taught me is the perfect thing to do is ask him what I should do and then obey in faith, knowing his character as I read exclusively in the Holy Bible: a book within it, 1 John, chapter 4, verse 8: God is love. Moreover, I actually experience an incredible, matchless, personal relationship with him that fulfills the human longing for "something" that is inside of every one of us. You recognize how you are dissatisfied with friendships, sensing you still need something? We sense this at various times, so please do not worry if you do not now. God desires us be like him, patient. God is very patient with us. He watches the problems in this world and he knows we cause them. Yet, he already loves us "with an everlasting love!" Now, as for myself and any one, trusting him and his wisdom takes much time. But, as we live, still, we can surely, practically begin to find all that we need by relying on what God's Bible says as it's written to "everyone of us," arranged by God.

What do you make of this after processing it? It's very important because you are---to God!!!

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Be proud to have been in a relationship.

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Q: What will you do if you had a complicated relationship?
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