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Q: What will happen to your body if you cannot remove bowel for 3 days?
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What happens if you have extra large bowel?

There are many things that could happen if you have extra large bowel. You could potentially tear parts of your body.

What will happen if your body cannot form mechanical energy?

you will not do or move

What would happen if all the ribosomes in your body disappeared?

This cannot possibly happen, so asking what would happen if it did happen is an exercise in stupidity.

Can you die from bowel movement?

The body produces waste everyday.(obviously!) to rid this waste from your body it builds in your bowels until it is enough to release. Aka "going #2" if you cannot have a bowel movement however your body cannot release the waste. over time it will build and eventually make you very sick. in short you can die from no bowel movement. the toxins in your body will literally poison you. now remember this is over a quite large amount of time if you have no bowel movement over 1 or 2 days you may be just fine eat more fiber or take a laxative if problem persists. if problem passes three days see your physician immediately.

What happen to the undigested food in the body?

These materials are propelled into the colon, where they remain, usually for a day or two, until the faeces are expelled by a bowel movement through the anus

How do you get ripped in 5 minutes?

You cannot. Body building is a slow process it does not happen that quickly.

How can you hit puberty now?

You cannot bring Puberty on. It will happen when your body is ready and not before.

How do you remove all blood from your body without dying?

You cannot live without blood

What happen to our body if you choke?

Your body cannot ventelate therefore it cant oxygenate. Ur brain begins to die after about 4minutes.

What happens to waste food that cannot be used by the body?

Waste food that cannot be digested or used by the body is eliminated as feces through the bowel movements. It goes through the digestive system and is eventually excreted as solid waste.

What would happen if there was no buccal cavity in the human body?

If you have not buccal cavity you cannot eat and will starve.

Bowel is an anagram for which other body part?