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Nothing detrimental. Taking it an hour too early will make no significant difference.

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Q: What will happen if you take a antibiotic a hour early?
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What will happen if you take a piercing out early?

If you take out a piercing early, the skin will heal.

What antibiotics come up as morphine?

There is not an antibiotic that comes up as morphine. You can take morphine with an antibiotic, but it is wise to wait at least an hour in between if you have a stomach ache with the antibiotics.

Can you stop an antibiotic early if strep throat is gone?

No, you cannot. Antibiotics kill bacteria. It takes longer to kill strong bacteria, while the weak bacteria are killed of early. If you stop you antibiotic early, the weak bacteria will be killed, and the strong will remain. There is no fight for dominance anymore, so the strong bacteria keeps reproducing. You will have to get a strong antibiotic and take it even longer. If you were to keep ending the antibiotics early, eventually they wouldn't have one for you anymore. I suggest you take your antibiotic until the doctor says you can stop.

What antibiotic i should use i have pain in throat and something red too what antibiotic should i take for it?

You should take the antibiotic amoxocyclin.

What will happen if you take illicit drugs taking Flagyl and Doxycycline?

Doxycycline is an antibiotic. It is commonly prescribed for acne treatment and also infections.

How long does norfloxacin take to get out of your system?

Norfloxacin is a antibiotic for a bacterial infection. The time it takes to get into your system depends on how bad the infections is. If it was detected early the antibiotic will be in your system within 3 days. If detected in a later stage it will take at least 5 to 7 days. Drinking plenty of water helps flush the infection out during your treatment if antibiotic.

Does one need to take antibiotic for bronchitis?

no no 8 to 14 days antibiotic use

Can you take a painkiller for inflammation while you are taking antibiotic?

It depends on which painkiller with which antibiotic... but generally you can take a painkiller with it. You can take Tylenol (acetaminophen) with "classic" antibiotics.

How long would it take to put on a suit of armor?

If Your Talking About Plate Armour, you would not believe it, but it would take a full Hour. Before the tournament, they would put in on a hour early.

You are on antibiotics will one or two beers harm you?

"Harm" no, but alcohol completely makes taking the antibiotic moot. You actually just might as well not take the antibiotic, which of course, you CANNOT, if you are on an antibiotic for any reason. If you do NOT taking it would be absolutly wrong, always remember to take the entire perscription, as directed, as you know, your body could grow immune to the antibiotic if it is not taken correctly, then, the next time you are required to take an antibiotic, your body may not take and use the antibiotic properly.

Can you eat pizza and take antibiotic's?

Yes but the calcium in the cheese makes the antibiotic less likely to do its job.

What will happen if you put a glow stick in the freezer for about 5 hour and you take it out in about 5 hours?

It will get very cold.