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probably nothing, but i would do that, just to be safe

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Q: What will happen if you shower with mold?
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What causes moldy areas in the shower?

A common occurrence in bathrooms, shower mold is typically a difficult problem for home owners. This mold is usually caused by excess moisture in the bathtub or shower.

Why does mold grow in the shower?

Lots of moisture.

Can shower bath curtains grow mold?

Yes, shower bath curtains can grow mold. If they are not washed with a bathroom cleaner or non-staining bleach, they will develop a soap scum and then mold. Aim to clean your bathroom once a week to prevent mold growth.

Is the Ruffles Shower Curtain mold resistant?

I would use a white mildew resistant shower curtain liner behing the Ruffles shower curtain.

What is the best way to keep shower curtains from getting mildewed?

You should clean shower curtains at least once a week, and hotter showers produce steam which humidifies the area and builds up condensation on the shower curtains which leads to mildew if not dried off.

Does moisture cause mold?

moisture cause mold because if u take a shower and don't clean it .it may cause mold and eat whatever it lands on

What are benefits using wet shower?

Wet shower is useful for cleaning mold and scum off of shower stalls. It does not release harmful chemicals. Wet shower cleans without having to scrub.

How does mold reprodue?

It releases spores. That's why they can be apart, like on a shower curtain.

What is the black stuff around your drain or on your shower curtain?

Mold - use javex

What steps can I take to get rid of mold?

White vinegar will get rid of mold in your shower. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray wherever you see mold. The best thing about vinegar is that it is natural and doesn't have bad chemicals.

What materials are best for a shower curtain to prevent mold?

Hemp and bamboo curtains are the best natural materials that resist mold and mildew for a long time. PVC and other plastics will also resist mold for a long time.

What should you do if you eat mold?

Unless you ate a great deal of mold, the worst that can happen is you may vomit. A bit of mold on some bread for instance is harmless.