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IT WILL REFILL!! DER!! lol soz i mean it will refill but it could contain some horrid bacteria inside it! by the way im kwl!

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Q: What will happen if you reuse bottled water container?
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How long does it take for bottled water to evaporate?

In a very sealed non -porous container water is not evaporated.

How can you reuse can?

You can reuse stuff by using it again. Example: You use a gallon of milk, you can reuse the container it came in to hold water to water your plants.

How long can you store bottled water?

An unopened bottle has an indefinite shelf life.

What will happen if a substance with a mass density greater than water is placed onto a container if water?

The object will dissolve in the container of water.

What outdoor temperature does bottled spring water freeze outdoors?

Water freezes at 32*F regardless of its container, or lack of container. As long as the water hasn't been altered with preservatives, flavors, colorants or other ingredients the temperature at which it will freeze doesn't change.

Use the bottled in a sentence?

Please grab the bottled water in the fridge!=Do not let the bottled water go to waste. The bottled water in the pantry is Aquafinas, not Zephyrhills. =P Lolz..=

What is the difference between bottled spring water and bottled distilled water?


How much does an 16 oz empty plastic water bottle weigh?

It depends on the size of the bottle. According to the International Bottled Water Association's website, the average gram weight of the 16.9 ounce "single serve" bottled water container has declined from 18.9 grams in 2000 to 12.7 grams in 2008.

Is bottled water an element?

Bottled water, like any other water, is still H20.

When was bottled water invented?

Charles Pinth invented bottled water in 1813. Dasani and Aquafina are 2 of the most popular brands of bottled water.

Do chameleons drink bottled or tap water?

Bottled water that is purified would be best.

Why did they make bottled water?

They made bottled water so that people can have portable water wherever they go.