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you die

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Q: What will happen if you apply Crayola marker on skin?
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Is it bad to draw on yourself with Crayola marker?

You won't get skin cancer or ink poisoning just by drawing on yourself with a marker. You're fine. The worst that can happen is a mild allergic reaction that'll make your hand sting for a bit.

Can you use the colors of crayola crayons on the lips?

No, Crayola crayons are not formulated to apply color to skin, and it would be particularly difficult to use crayons on the soft, moist surface of lips.

What happen when you add lemon to milk then you apply to your skin?

you will die

Are Crayola colored pencils safe for skin?


Is it possible to have blue skin?

With marker

How do you remove pernament marker of your skin?

You can use any hand sanitizer to remove pernament marker off your skin,plastic,metal, and anything.

What is the difference between a toxic and non toxic marker?

Toxic markers are like poison, once they are on you're skin you're blood wil turn purple and you might risk dieing or injury, but non toxic markers are such as from crayola or washable expo markers do not hurt you.

Can you get ink poisoning in your vagina using a rose art marker?

Yes the marker wills till leak through the skin causing the irration of the skin

Why does permanent marker turn you're skin purple?

because your skin is not used to it

What causes words to appear on skin?

you draw on it with marker

If someone were to create the illusion of a tattoo by writing on their skin daily with a Sharpie marker would anything bad happen to them?

Not medically although they may suffer from bullying if caught.

Does permanent marker poison your skin?

It doesn't have any effect on your skin it's safe