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This is a toughy. The best answer is to contact a couples counselor to help you talk about this.

Most of us were taught from an early age that we weren't supposed to talk about sex. In fact, the only words most of us have for talking about sex are obscenities or medical terminology. What they don't tell you is that it is not only all right to talk to your spouse about sex, it's actually necessary. This is where a couples counselor comes in. Good luck!

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Q: What will do if your husband does not like sex?
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Your husband doesnot like sex toys?

If you and your husband are not having sex very often and you start using a sex toy and he doesn't like it then just tell him you want to have sex more often ad stop using the toy!

Can you wife say no to sex to her husband?

Yes, a wife can refuse sex to her husband. If the husband were to force his wife to have sex it is rape.

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You love your husband and you dont like sex except penetration you hate foreplay?


If wife withholding sex considered some type of abuse?

Absolutely not. The wife is not required to have sex with her husband. It is not required by law or anything like that.

Can a wife withhold sex from husband in Florida?

Certainly ... there is NO law that states she must have sex with her husband. Think!!

If your husband says he fall out of love with you but everytime he sees you he want to have sex with you?

ask your husband if you and him want to have sex.

Can your husband be your girlfriend?

My husband can not be my girlfriend. Because I can not do sex with him in return.

My husband felt like sex is a chore for him How do you avoid from him feeling like that?

You need a WHY did he feel that way before even trying to answer this one.

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They have sex!

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Stick to your husband only. Anything else would be adultry. Don't worry about adultry. It's all ok as long as your husband is ok with it. If you feel slightly bisexual then you need to experiment with another woman such as a situation like that. Just have sex with her like you would your husband but make sure to have sex with your husband too. Watch a 3-some porno and get some ideas.