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When the body stops breathing it dies. This is because no oxygen is able to get in and circulate through the blood.

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Q: What will build up in your blood if you stop breathing?
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What does cchs stand for and what does it mean?

CCHS stands for Congenital Central Hypoventilation. CCHS is a disease or syndrome that affects a persons breathing ability and cause carbon dioxide to build up in the blood.

Will a sedated person wake up if they stop breathing?

No. They're sedated, remember?

What makes the egr valve stop up?

Carbon build up.

What happens you eat to much Choleterol?

Well, if you eat way (ALOT OF) too much choleterol rich food, your blood vessels can clog up and not let blood get through. This can cause heart attacks, and many other things. Through people usally only die if a major blood vessel gets cloged up with enough 'plaq' (not like plaq on your teeth, but that's what its called when blood vessels get a choleterol build up.) to stop blood from passing through. You can help stop this from happening by eating low-in-fat food, (mainly saturated fats and trans fats will conjure into a choleterol build up) and to work out daily. If you ever were to have a blood vessel clog, you'll have slight/big and fast pains depending on where it is, (and if its a mojor or not) and it will eventuly lead up to a heart attack Ask your doctor about Choloeterol, build up, and plaq for more info.

What type of gas builds in blood?

Nitrogen gas can build up in the blood during scuba diving due to the increased pressure at depth. This can lead to decompression sickness, also known as "the bends". Oxygen can also build up in the blood at high concentrations and lead to oxygen toxicity.

What causes people to loose blood and not build it back up?

if you lose to much blood.

Can the dialysis process be interrupted?

If you are on dialysis, no you can not stop kidney dialysis. Dialysis is what cleans all the toxins from your blood. If you were to stop dialysis you will build up all the toxins. And will start feeling really awful. You might end up getting a heart attack, stroke, or just die.

Where does the blood go when you stop your period with the mini pill?

Because of the effect of hormonal birth control methods on the lining of the uterus, the lining doesn't build up, and so doesn't need to be shed. So the blood didn't "go" anywhere; instead, it never "showed up."

What is a fatty build up in blood called?

A fatty build-up in blood is called hyperlipidemia. This condition is characterized by elevated levels of lipids (fats) in the blood, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, which can lead to health issues like heart disease and stroke.

Why is lactic acid formed even when the person is breathing oxygen?

Blood flow in a certain anatomical area may be sluggish due to cardiovascular disease, infection or other things. This causes the metabolic by-products to build up and lead to acidosis.

Why is it important to stop the loss of blood after a severe injury?

If blood wouldn't clot then when someone got a cut his blood would never stop leaking from it. Now that the blood does clot the hole will be filled up and the blood would stop.

Is it important for blood to clot?

If blood wouldn't clot then when someone got a cut his blood would never stop leaking from it. Now that the blood does clot the hole will be filled up and the blood would stop.