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really awesome taste....especially white one

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Q: What will be the effect of consumption of naphthalene balls by humans?
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What is the effect of heat on the naphthalene ball?

Napthlene balls sublimates (turns into vapour) when heated...

Does inhalation of naphthalene balls cause any danger?

Most certainly, inhalation of naphthalene is dangerous!

Do naphthalene balls sublime?

Yes, naphthalene balls have the property of sublimation. This means that they transition directly from a solid state to a gaseous state without passing through a liquid state. When exposed to air, naphthalene balls slowly vaporize and release a strong odor.

Explain why naphthalene or moth balls disappear without wetting the clothes?

Naphthalene or moth balls sublimate(change from a solid to a gas) so they can "disappear" without wetting the clothes.

What is the use of Naphthalene balls at?

they're called mothballs-for moths.

What is the actual cost of 1 kg of nepthlene balls in Indian scenario and currency?

naphthalene balls

Smell moth balls?

Naphthalene (ingredient of napalm)

How do naphthalene balls become smaller. name the process?

The process is called sublimation.

Is it true napthelene balls are obtained from charcoal?

Naphthalene (mothballs) comes from coal tar.

What element is in moth balls?

Moth balls are made of naphthalene, a compound that contains hydrogen and carbon atoms. They are used to keep away moths.

Why naphthalene balls are kept in toilet?

Naphtalene is used as a repellant against moths but not especially in toilets.

What is Naphthalene grains?

Naphthalene grains are simply flakes of napthalene, like moth balls or moth flakes, commonly used to deter moths in closets. Naphthalene is a chemical which comes from coal tar, and it is used in a variety of insecticides, lubricants and solvents. The vapour that Naphthalene releases is toxic to insects sucha s moths and silverfish.